Moncal Travel & Tours Ltd

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Asia Travel
Asia Travel

Moncal Travel & Tours Ltd is a leading business travel management company. Moncal Travel & Tours has a well balanced client portfolio servicing large corporations, host of small and medium-size companies, as well as government institutions.

Based on a proactive, culturally- attuned approach, Moncal Travel & Tours collaborates with clients to help them unlock economic value and realize a new standard of value. Leveraging deep industry expertise, unmatched global resources and proven experience in sourcing, program management and fulfillment, Moncal Travel & Tours marshals the right people, processes, skills and technologies to deliver tangible benefits clients can trace directly to their bottom line.

Asia Travel
Asia Travel

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Management Experience

Moncal Travel & Tours’ Management have well over 10 years of experience in the industry and have the experience to facilitate the execution of the contract, have the resources to combine people and technology systems and the authority and accountability to deliver to the required travel services.


An important feature of our commitment to providing our clients with top quality, consistent service is the caliber of the personnel who will service your organization. Moncal Travel & Tours will provide you with the most experienced staff available in each individual market.

It is our company objective to gain and retain the best staff available in the industry. We hire only fully qualified, proven professionals to service the needs of our corporate clients. Our policy is to empower individuals at each level to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.