Chau Doc – Next to the border to Cambodia

Chau Doc market

Chau Doc is home for many Khmer, Cham and Chinese and is only a few kilometers from the Cambodian border. The cultural diversity is obvious: the little town has many historical sites, such as the Thoai Ngoc Hau mausoleum and the Quan Cong temple. Chau Doc is located on the Hau Giang diffluence (Bassac River). There is lively boat traffic on the river and also a colourful floating market. The street market is worth a visit too.

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High mountains – once islands in the sea

The surrounding mountains, the highest mountain is 700 meters high, are an extremely rare sight in the Mekong delta. These mountains once were islands in the sea, which were integrated into the landmass by the spread of alluvial land by the Mekong river.

Sam mountain
Sam mountain

The city of Chau Doc is also a starting point for excursions to the holy Sam Mountain (about 5 km away). On this 230 m high mountain you can have a gorgeous view of Chau Doc, the surrounding plantations, rice fields, small canals and the mighty Hau River, up to the Cambodian border. You can climb the mountain either by foot in about 45 minutes (2 km one way) or by a motorbike taxi (Xe om). Along the way there are numerous stations with refreshments and even a café at the top. Halfway you can find the newly built Tay An temple. The Sam Mountain is the fitness centre of Chau Doc, many locals gather here early in the morning for their morning exercise.

Colourful Temples

In the town situated at the bottom of Sam Mountain are many important places for pilgrims, such as the temple of Lady Xu and the magnificent decorated Tay An Pagoda, which was built in 1847 with influences from Hinduism and Islam. They belong to the most popular temples in Southern Vietnam. Because of the numerous pilgrims, this is a very lively place.

Temple at Chau Doc
Temple at Chau Doc

The smelly Mam-fish belongs to the culinary specialty of the region. This fish is basically left over after the fish sauce production (Nuoc Mam). Numerous factories, which produce the fish sauce, are located in the vicinity of Chau Doc.

About 20 km from Chau Doc is the bird sanctuary Tra Su. People who want to visit Tra Su Forest should calculate at least 3 hours to see everything (for more information see Tra Su Forest).

Between Chau Doc and Long Xuyen you can find the archaeological site Oc Eo. This is believed to have been an important port city in the kingdom of Funan, who ruled the Mekong delta between the first and seventh centuries. Most of the excavations however were brought to the museums in Can Tho and Saigon.